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Business networking is very powerful. You're visiting my networking Blog, so you probably "get it". However, there was a time when I had no clue to the limitless potential. That was remedied when I was asked to step into the Career Transition Zone. To compound matters, I was an Introvert. No clue about networking and an introvert - oh boy was I in trouble.

With the help of some dynamic individuals, I went from "Zero to Networking". I was now able to walk up to strangers and introduce myself, and learn the ways of the business networking world. Eventually, I led Networking groups, mentored (even while unemployed), became an Executive Recruiter, met with entrepeneurs and senior level executives -- and eventually - found a great new position. I became an extroverted-introvert. I became...connected! Zero to Networking!

Networking is very powerful! Oh yes - I made tons of mistakes, learned from them and made different mistakes... and still, am not an expert. Who is?

That is the objective of the Zero To Network Blog, so we can learn from each other. Enjoy! Networking is also fun! Stephen Harris

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stephen harris  business networking
Wednesday, December 15
Business Networking technique for interviewing

A call from a recruiter leads you to an excellent opportunity at Amalgamated Inc. You recall that a few years ago you did business with Amalgamated or know of someone that is employed there. Naturally, you can call upon these people to gain insights into the culture and environment. However, take the additional step and ask these internal contacts if you can use their name as an internal reference.

Even where the hiring manager does not know these individuals, an internal reference is a key advantage that others of equal skill may not have. Take advantage.

Which is another reason why you should always maintain your business network, because you never know where it will be of value.

This suggestion works in sales or other business contacts, where an internal references could make the difference between gaining or losing a deal or appointment.

What? No contact within the company? Try LinkedIn, a great way to tap your electronic business network for equal benefit. More on LinkedIn shortly.

Stephen Harris

Posted at Wednesday, December 15, 2004 by sph001
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Tuesday, December 7
Blogging and Social Networking

Scott Allen, business networker extraordinaire and co-author of the Online Business Networks blog, commented on my August 28th entry about blogs and networking (click here to visit this previous article).

My treatise is that blogs are a valuable networking channel and Scott agrees:

"As much as I enjoy the social networking sites, I have to say that in terms of value created for time spent, my blog has a slight edge over the social networking sites."

Yes the ZeroToNetwork blog is about business networking - but does that really imply face-to-face? Does this imply Linkedin & Ryze? No, it implies making valuable business connections whether across the hall, within your geographic area or across the world through many different channels. My various blogs, as I am sure Scott and other dedicated blog-networkers will agree, has opened an amazing number of doors.  Use all the tools available to you - on and offline - when business networking. And I agree, it casts a wider network net over social/business networks as well. But don't exclude any one channel in your business networking mix & strategy.  Stephen Harris

Posted at Tuesday, December 07, 2004 by sph001
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Thursday, November 25
Thanksgiving and Business Networking

For our reader friends in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving!  As we visit with family and friends, remeber Business networking is always on. Naturally; today we focus on food and family - but keep in mind it's an opportunity to network.

Family and friends are the closest and most viable business networking sources - but first & foremost, enjoy the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving one & all - and do pass the apple pie!    Stephen

Posted at Thursday, November 25, 2004 by sph001
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Friday, November 19
Innovation in Business Networking

On my JobStuff Blog, I am reporting the results of a friend's search for a new career opportunity. A major tool in Doug' arsenal has been business networking. He has tapped his close network connections and reached to out relevant people on LinkedIn.


Recently Doug met with a small entrepreneurial company for an interview, through a recruiter. Although he did not get the position, he made a connection with the executive. In an exchange of emails, not only did this executive agree to join in Doug's LinkedIn network - but further agreed to meet with another of Doug's network members for a possible business relationship.


Business Networking is everywhere - even on an interview. Keep that in mind.

Stephen Harris

Posted at Friday, November 19, 2004 by sph001
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Wednesday, November 10
Brown Bag or Business Network at Lunch?

Networking occurs in places least expected. At work; the lunchroom or coffee center can be important in-company networking locales. In a recent Fortune Magazine online article, a reader asked if they were missing out by not eating lunch with co-workers.

For myself, I mix time between eating at my desk and dining with co-workers. In a large company, this is a great way to learn what goes on in other groups and establish your in-company network web. It's important to network inside your organization as much as externally.

Don't overlook your internal network to grow within an organization - or to help get your job done with the cooperation of others.

Click here to read the Fortune article (scroll down), by Annie Fisher.

Posted at Wednesday, November 10, 2004 by sph001
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Wednesday, October 13
The Journey Begins... into the Transition Zone

Blog Note: Over at my other blog - JobStuff, a Blog for Your Career - I am beginning a multi-part segment following a real persons journey through the transition zone. Most of the topics deal more with Job & Career searching, however there will be a healthy dose of networking advice and information.

I will keep ZeroToNetwork readers informed when there are specific Business Networking tips in regards to a journey through the transition zone.

Posted at Wednesday, October 13, 2004 by sph001
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Saturday, October 2
The mature business network

When I began my network journey, I attended any and all events as time permitted. Of course, I had a mission - find a new job and/or promote my consulting. Every event was fair game!


Secure in employment, I still network. However, now I am much more selective.  Networking doesn't mean you need to be out there every day for any event you are invited to. At some point you should stop and consider - what is it you are seeking out of networking. Then follow a strategy to ensure you are attending the right meetings to meet your specific needs (or ones that you particularly like to attend or where the topic/guest speaker is of interest).


In recent weeks, I have turned down more events than I attended. I realized my time was valuable and that attending events simply to meet new people isn't enough of a pull for me. Coincidal, my online network is growing substantially.


In an upcoming book by master net-worker, Scott Allen - he says that realistically we can keep around 150 people in our inner circle. It becomes important to grow and feed your existing network than to continually build one.


Something to consider and discuss in a future Blog entry: The balance between face-to-face and online networking and the effectiveness (and lack of) for each.

stephen harris

Posted at Saturday, October 02, 2004 by sph001
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Wednesday, September 29
Business Networking, now a course in college.

I wish that there was Business Network training in college - now there is. Click here for an excellent article from the Wall Street Journal' : Career Journal. Click here to read the article.

Posted at Wednesday, September 29, 2004 by sph001
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Tuesday, September 28
Business Networking Tele-conference call - Meeting Recap

I just completed the Business Networking Tele-conference call - Jumpstarting your Career Search. We covered so much ground in 30 minutes, I thought I would recap some of the highlights from my presentation.

Once again, I want to thank Bill Vick (PhoenixLink, SeniorSuccess et al) for sponsoring this event and inviting me to speak. And thank you for attending. I hope that you came away with at-least one valuable piece of information to spark your campaign.

Posted at Tuesday, September 28, 2004 by sph001
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Tuesday, September 21
Business Networking Teleconference for Execs (free)

Loyal BlogReaders: I am presenting a teleconference on Business Networking for Executives seeking their next opportunity (the approx $100K+ club). The event is sponsored by Bill Vick at The PhoenixLink. This is a free invitation to join in Tues, Sept 28 11:00 EST. Simply email Bill ( and mention you heard about this from ZerotoNetwork.

The following is the formal invitation from Bill -- thanks!   Stephen:

A free teleconference focused on the executive job seeker stranded in the transition zone will be led by Stephen Harris next Tuesday, September 28th at 10:00 AM CST (11:00 EST).

Stephen speaks from experience. As a former executive with a Fortune 500 company he was relocated to Atlanta from NJ and then let-go, laid-off or downsized. Whatever your choice of words he was forced to face the reality of being unemployed but through the help of many others he learned what worked and what did not. You can benefit from the mistakes and successes he has enjoyed in this action packed 30 minute teleconference.

Today Stephen is a Director at an Online Interactive Marketing Company, the author of two career & business networking Blogs and has successfully mentored individuals to a successful new job. He coordinates the NJ Company of Friends group, has attended many networking events. hosted business & charity networking events, mentored others, starting a project management consulting company, met with C-level entrepreneurs, and even became an executive recruiter all while seeking his next great full-time position.

He feels Networking is about giving. Stephen has received so much help and assistance in his own search that he feels pride in "giving" back his experience and expertise so please join him on Tuesday, September 28th at 10:00 AM CST (11:00 EST).

To register please return this email to along with the following information and we will send you the access phone number and code. This could be just what you need to get your job search back on track.

Your Name:
Your email:
Are you currently-employed?
Current or previous title?
Your Industry?
Are you looking to remain in this same industry or change?
Identify '2' things you are looking for in enhancing your Business networking skills?

Please email or call me with any questions or suggestions. This teleconference is on a first come first served basis and attendance is limited.

Posted at Tuesday, September 21, 2004 by sph001
What do you think?  

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