Entry: Business Networking: Genius Perspective Friday, May 6

Presented in the spirit of a network being defined as a
collection of people who are committed to one anotherís success

Know what business you are in
as a person: your genius and purpose

Be attuned to what the universe is telling you,
and create a vision that inspires and compels you

Attend to your vision
and tell others about it

Think of networks as resources for both personal empowerment
and collaboration to create new realities

Be willing to invest youself in helping
others realize their visions

Know, and let others know, what you want
and what you have to offer

Listen carefully for what others want
and what they have to offer

Create linkage between wants,
offerings, and visions

Know that when you choose to give rather than withold,
you enrich and empower an entire network

Believe that when you act, the web of life trembles

Remember that networks are processes with many centers,
and neither structures nor hierarchies

Have fun, celebrate often, and remain positive


Click here to visit Dick's blog - and thanks to Dick for permission to reprint his article.



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